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~ Up on the Roof ~

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The winter issue of Up on the Roof is brought to you from Grasmere in The Lake District, Cumbria.

For those readers new to the Elise Darcy Newsletter they are called Up on the Roof because I love rooftop gardens. Where possible I endeavour to write each newsletter on a different rooftop, be it a rooftop garden, café or restaurant. For this edition it was the top of a mountain!

Each year I usually visit the Lake District at Easter time as this has been a family tradition since I was a child. Some years I met with other family members to holiday together but this year I decided to travel just with my mother. We had recently lost a close family member, my uncle, who passed away just before Christmas. He was a very special person, a real gentleman, and when someone has been in your life for so many years it is hard to come to terms with not seeing them again. However he would not have expected us to spend time harbouring sadness at his passing but instead to treasure the memories we have and take them with us into the future. Because the Lake District has almost become a second home for me it is where I escape to when I am in need of some inner peace and fortitude from life’s ups and downs. Consequently, I booked my annual break much earlier this year and went in search of solace amongst the picturesque patchwork of lakes, valleys, woodlands and fells that make up the Lake District National Park.

I chose to stay in a self-catering cottage a short walk from Grasmere village. Being late January, I was not expecting days where we would be able to sit and admire the views for very long, but the ever-changing weather makes it all the more atmospheric.Over the years Grasmere has become a tourist destination primarily for its associations with the poet William Wordsworth who lived with his family in Grasmere and described it as “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found.” So, on a bright, crisp cold morning my mother and I set off on a walk to Alcock Tarn to see if indeed Wordsworth had incapsulated the beauty of this area.

The first part of the walk took us past Dove Cottage, Wordsworth’s first family home. The cottage was closed but I have visited before and although it is quite small inside it is the place that Wordsworth wrote some of his greatest poetry. We then started the gradual accent, which was quite steep in places. My mother felt she was scaling the heights of a building like Spiderman at times. Needless to say, we arrived at this lovely little Tarn and the views were indeed breath-taking. I settled down against a wall with a flask of coffee and a notebook to write the outline of this newsletter. The peacefulness was amazing and Grasmere village looked like a toy town way down in the valley.  Wherever you are in the Lakes you are really not alone for long and true to form soon we were joined by several walkers and their dogs. After the usual greetings and commiserations on what the English weather will throw at us next, we retraced our footsteps back down into the valley.

After the strenuous morning we visited the other famous landmark, the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. Set up by Sarah Nelson in 1854 the shop is a magnet for travellers from all parts of the world. And nothing is more satisfying than the wonderful aroma of freshly baked Grasmere Gingerbread after a lovely walk on the fells.

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Do join me for the next issue of Up on the Roof when I will update you with the forthcoming release of my next book. In the mean time I have included a link below for two more Instafreebie Giveaways if you are interested in choosing a free book in March.

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I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Best wishes

Elise Darcy